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Setup Services

We can help you get started the right way with a clean install or an optimization of an existing Create and Code theme.

Clean Install Service


  • Setup database
  • Install WordPress
  • Check permissions
  • Activate and test permalinks
  • Download and install theme
  • Install required plugins
  • Install demo content
  • Support

Optimization Service


  • Review of the current site speed
  • Security analysis of the current state
  • Full site backup
  • Page caching
  • Security Improvements
  • Analysis of the new state of the site
  • Review of the steps taken
  • Support

We’ll help you start with the best possible foundation to build your site. A clean installation is the best approach to ensure you’re beginning with a light database and no leftovers from any previous instance.

What we need from you:

  • Hosting service already available – if you need one we can recommend one 
  • Hosting or cPanel access
  • Email address of the person administering the WordPress site

What we will do for you:

  • Setup a new MySQL database with dedicated access credentials
  • Install the latest version of WordPress from
  • Ensure that the WordPress directories have the right permissions
  • Activate and test permalinks
  • Download and install the latest version of the theme you purchased
  • Install and activate all the theme’s required plugins
  • Install the demo content included with the theme
  • Update you with the full list of steps that we took and provide the login details to the site

We offer you support regarding the steps that we’ve done for 1 week. Both the Clean Install and the Optimization Services are valid for one site install only.