WordPress Roles and Capabilities: Everything You Need to Know

While it may have started as a blogging platform, WordPress has long since morphed into a full-functioning content management system. Part of what makes it full-functioning is a robust system of WordPress roles and capabilities that help you control exactly what registered users can do at your site.

Whether you’re working with a team of authors or creating some type of site that accepts public registration, understanding WordPress roles and capabilities is essential if you plan to give anyone else the ability to register at your site.

To help you learn how to make WordPress roles and capabilities work for you, I’m going to cover three topics in this post:

  1. A deeper explanation of what roles and capabilities are, and how they connect
  2. How to create your own WordPress roles and/or edit existing roles
  3. A real-life use case of how a “typical” WordPress site might implement roles and capabilities for content publishing

While it’s a dry topic, I’ll try to make things as helpful and actionable as possible. Let’s dig in…

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