Top 30 Best Selling New WordPress Themes of 2020

Our WordPress journey has been a long one this year, and I’ve brought you hundreds of different WordPress themes covering various categories. But, this time we’re doing something a little different. Even though you’re drowning in choices when it comes to WordPress themes, only a few them rise to the top. This could be for different reasons. Sometimes, the visual components are enough to sell browsers. Other times, sheer functionality and feature-rich content bring people in. Or, the theme in question is just trustworthy quality.

It’s to that tune I sing this nonexistent song: in this article, we’re not focusing on any particular category. Rather, I’m bringing you the best of 2020. Fresh, rising stars who’ve outsold the competition; they’ll cover any category and any timeframe that started with the year’s beginning.

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30+ Best WordPress Wedding Themes

Weddings are a special event for everyone involved, but even though there’s magic in the air when two loved ones tie the knot, it’s also a process which requires planning. That’s where our category comes in today with the Best Wedding WordPress Themes. Much like my other articles, we’ll be going over select choices which support great features, performance, and professionalism.

Like you can expect, these choices are ideal for wedding planners, businesses, agencies, and catering parties to create a moment to remember. There’s something for everyone, accommodating various price points, requirements, and organization sizes. So, like cutting the massive celebratory wedding cake, let’s get started.

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30+ Best Free WooCommerce Themes – UPDATED Feb 2020

WooCommerce! It’s a name you’ve seen time and time again when reading my articles (assuming you have). Why? Well, it’s because WooCommerce is standard with premium WordPress themes – topped off by the fact it’s great for selling services and items online. For those who want to take their business to the online realm, it’s a gateway into online money.

But you know what’s better than WooCommerce? WooCommerce with a free theme. That’s right, today you’re getting a one-two punch. Free WordPress themes that emphasize WooCommerce integration. These themes in particular are all about selling and online money-making, a dream scenario for many. As such, it’s my goal to make sure I’m bringing you the finest in free themes that emphasize e-selling, allowing you to take that first step into the wild west of online finances.

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30+ Best WordPress Themes for Accountants, Brokers and Financial Professionals

Money management is important, I don’t think that can be said enough. It’s especially the case if work in a business environment where big financial exchanges are made frequently. Lots of info to keep track of, no doubt. Then, there are consumers and clients who need help with accounting or want financial advice for things like retirement or investments. Reaching such an audience or managing this kind of information requires professional assets. Good news then! You’re in the right place.

WordPress covers a lot of categories, and finances are one of them. In its rich library of various digital mediums, there are of course electric tomes feature the many fancy themes for finances and accounting. If you’re trying to build a professional website, want to give your current zone a facelift, or just need something for business, then this article is for you.

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30+ Best Medical WordPress themes for Doctors, Dentists and medical professionals

There are few things more important than our personal health, and so much goes into it. Everything from the foods we eat to the exercise we partake in play a vital role in the whole of “us,” leading to more fulfilling lives. Or at least, that’s the goal. But of course, there’s probably a WordPress plaque somewhere that says “you can’t leave any category uncovered,” and this means my article breaks into the exciting world of health!

That’s right, four out of five doctors recommend having a professional WordPress theme for your website, whether it’s a diet blog, medical board, landing page for doctors, or a place to set dental appointments. WordPress offers it all, with industry standard quality, robust features, mobile compatibility, and much more. So if you’re a health practice with zero coding skills, or a blogger who just has to tell the world about their new carrot burrito recipe, there’s a theme in here for you.

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