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30+ Best Marketing WordPress Themes for SEO, Sales and Marketing

Making money online sounds like a sweet gig, and it’s entirely possible. But beyond those shady YouTube videos where some guy at 360p holds a fan of ones and claims you can make thousands in a week, making real internet cash is easier said than thought. However, now more than ever, the levers of action which allow for monetization are bigger than ever.

That’s partly because of online marketing strategies, and partly because of SEO (search engine optimization). There are billions of people with billions of devices searching billions of things on a daily, second-by-second basis. So how in the world does any online business break that mold and attract an audience? Well, while there are a variety of techniques – a lot of which come down to patience and consistent content creation – SEO and marketing play a role.

It’s of that particular subject I’ll be focusing on. That’s right, you’ve wandered into the right blog because I’m going to take you on a magical journey, where you’ll discover the exciting realm of SEO optimized marketing based WordPress themes.

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How to track WooCommerce external/affiliate product link clicks in Google Analytics

Today we dive into exactly how to track WooCommerce external/affiliate product link clicks in Google Analytics. WooCommerce is a pretty kickass eCommerce platform for WordPress with full featured Add to Cart/Checkout functionality. But many WooCommerce users sell affiliate products via third party websites like Amazon. In this scenario WooCommerce gives us a great solution to managing our product catalog and when customers click on the “Buy now” button they’re redirected to whatever link you specify. In WooCommerce these are known as “External/Affiliate” products.

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On-page SEO Optimization Techniques You Need For High Rankings

On-page SEO Optimization is the one thing we as site owners have complete control over when it comes to our SEO strategy. Yet so many of us get it wrong. Why? Simply there’s so many things to consider – plus there’s a lot of bad advice out there about things that might have worked in the past not being relevant today. But never fear! In our definitive guide to On-Page SEO Optimization, we’ll show you what you need to know and how to do it.

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30+ Best Music WordPress Themes for Bands, Musicians and Gigs

Music defines a person if the KISS Army is anything to go by. It’s also more accessible than it’s ever been, thanks to the internet. Indeed, every day there’s some young kid or two picking up their first bass or annoying the parents with cacophonous drum-slamming. Maybe one day they’ll get in a big fancy band and make millions (though it’s more likely they’ll just play weekend gigs).

But it’s clear music has a lot of passion, and combined with the internet, can reach millions worldwide. So why not take this a step further? For aspiring musicians, professional agencies, album listings, and all things music, they need a website. And the perfect conduit for building that dream website is WordPress.

That’s right, today we’ll be taking the stage with a list of amazing WordPress themes all related to music. Set aside those worries of remaining undiscovered genius, your story begins here!

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How to Run Google Analytics Content Experiments on WordPress

Do you know if your website is doing as well as it should be? Do you know if you chose the best text for your CTA button? Or if your headline isn’t performing as well as possible?

Unless you’re regularly testing different versions of your site – the simple truth is that you can’t know because you don’t have the data to know. To get that data – or at least to come closer to the right answer – you can run A/B tests to compare different versions of your site and see which performs better.

Many WordPress users can’t figure out how to run A/B tests on WordPress, though. Or, they can’t afford the premium tools that make A/B tests easy.

To help solve the problem, I’m going to show you how to run Google Analytics Content Experiments on WordPress for an easy, and free, way to split test your WordPress site.
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