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WooCommerce Product Table Review: Display Products In A Table

Some plugins do lots of things. Other plugins do one thing really well.

Both have their place, but WooCommerce Product Table fits decidedly into the latter category.

That is, if you need to display WooCommerce products in a table, WooCommerce Product Table was built for you.

That’s all the plugin does – but it does it really well and gives you a ton of control over how your product tables look and function.

In my WooCommerce Product Table review, I’ll give you a look at the exact feature list, how it works, and some of the things you can create with WooCommerce Product Table.

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Top 30 Best Selling New WordPress Themes of 2017

Our WordPress journey has been a long one this year, and I’ve brought you hundreds of different WordPress themes covering various categories. But, this time we’re doing something a little different. Even though you’re drowning in choices when it comes to WordPress themes, only a few them rise to the top. This could be for different reasons. Sometimes, the visual components are enough to sell browsers. Other times, sheer functionality and feature-rich content bring people in. Or, the theme in question is just trustworthy quality.

It’s to that tune I sing this nonexistent song: in this article, we’re not focusing on any particular category. Rather, I’m bringing you the best of 2017. Fresh, rising stars who’ve outsold the competition; they’ll cover any category and any timeframe that started with the year’s beginning.

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WooCommerce vs Shopify: Which eCommerce Platform Is Best?

If you’re gearing up to launch an eCommerce store, there’s a good chance you’re bouncing back and forth between the decision to go with either WooCommerce or Shopify.

And that makes perfect sense – according to data from Built With, WooCommerce (42%) and Shopify (7%) are the two most common eCommerce solutions across the entire Internet.

So you’re looking at two popular, successful eCommerce platforms…which should you pick when it comes to WooCommerce vs Shopify?

That’s what we’ll get into in this post. And here’s how we’re going to do it:

Rather than focusing on individual features, we’re going to take a more high-level approach and lay out specific situations for when you want to use each platform. We’ll still talk about specific features and rules as part of that – but this post is not going to be a nitty-gritty feature comparison.

Before we get to that, though, let’s make one thing clear…

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