30+ Best Magazine News WordPress Themes – 2020

WordPress has evolved greatly over the past several years. What once began as a simple blog publishing script with a few very basic themes has now evolved into a fully functional publishing platform for millions of users. Everything from the smallest fan pages to Fortune 500 websites use WordPress as their preferred publishing platform.

One style which has captivated many are Magazine and News WordPress themes. While WordPress is now used for a wide range of use cases, content publishing remains it’s greatest strength. Massive content publishing powerhouses like CNN, The New York Times, BBC, Bloomberg The New Yorker, Conde Nast and many more all use WordPress to power hugely popular news websites and blogs. But it’s not just new websites, globally recognized magazines including Vogue, Variety, Readers Digest and Forbes are all powered by WordPress!

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30+ Best WooCommerce Themes for 2020

WooCommerce has taken the eCommerce world by storm over the past decade. For the longest time there were no really great eCommerce plugins for WordPress. WooCommerce changed all that. Fast forward to 2019 and WooCommerce has become one of the easiest ways to start selling online in just a few minutes. The WooCommerce ecosystem is incredibly diverse and rapidly growing. There are thousands of WooCommerce themes and extensions to cater for just about any kind of online store.

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30 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes – 2020

We’re big fans of minimalism here at Create and Code. Today we’re taking you on a tour of the best Minimalist WordPress Themes for 2020. Minimalism doesn’t need to mean boring. In fact, it takes world class design skills to create a WordPress theme that’s minimal but still striking. Let’s dive in and take a look.

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